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About Us

House of Aquae Jewels

Aquae Jewels, AQ, is the new jewellery style. AQ is more than jewellery; it’s all about feminity, luxury and elegance that meets ready-to-wear.

AQ is different because of its sensual and refined style. The kind of detail that grabs your attention and stays in your memory forever.

Meanwhile, always classic so that it can be worn on holiday, at work or in the evening. The french touch of the jewellery hits the spot.

AQ is synonymous with a chic lifestyle.
Whether in a convertible on the hills of Tuscany discovering vineyards, shopping in Manhattan or on a yacht cruising the Mediterranean between Bonifacio and St Tropez. Everything with Aquae Jewels is about enjoying every moment of life.

The brand Aquae Jewels® is owned and operated by Aigue Marine DMCC.