Pure Gold & Diamonds for every Woman, for every Moment in Life

The Aquae Jewels Story

The Aquae trademark was first created and deposited in Paris in 2011. We focused on creating stunning jewelry designs, creating the perfect packaging. At the end of 2013, it became clear that there was a need for high-quality and beautiful jewelry at a more affordable price point and we established our new workshop in the heart of Dubai. At this point, most of our product was being shipped to jewelry stores. It was around this time that we realized that by strictly selling via the internet and avoiding any brick and mortar we could truly provide our valued customers with the best prices possible.

Since then, we have gone strictly to online sales. Making it possible to ship all over the world while keeping costs extremely low. Cutting out the middleman, such as distributors, retail shops and staff, allows us to provide our customers with prices of our 18k gold and diamonds jewelry two or three times cheaper than in traditional shops.

At Aquae Jewels, we want to make stunning pieces available for women to buy for themselves. Much like shoes, clothing and handbags are available for a wide range of prices, we want to make fine jewelry, designed with real diamonds and precious stones available as well.

Pure gold and diamonds for every woman, for every moment in life.

About Us

Aquae Jewels, offers the finest creations of gold and diamond jewellery for the modern woman. With its savoir-faire and expert craftsmanship, at an accessible price point, the brand specialises in ready-to-wear and customized 18k gold, diamond and precious stone pieces.

‘Aquae’, derived from the ancient Latin word for water, represents designs that are pure like iridescent droplets. Founded in 2013 by jewellery and art expert Catherine Klastersky, Aquae Jewels creates exquisite pieces that perfectly blend modernity and tradition. Designed with every woman in mind and for all moments, the brand’s collections are a cohesive curation, to be worn alone or layered, accenting the grace and elegance of the wearer.

With a workshop nestled in the heart of Dubai, each creation is designed and produced in-house and all precious stones are sourced from ethical mines and accredited with a certificate of authenticity that assures the legal and ethical origins of the creations. Today, Aquae Jewels remain true to its mission to design pieces for all women, with free delivery across continents in less than six days.

The brand Aquae Jewels® is owned and operated by Aigue Marine DMCC.