Customized Couture Jewellery

Aquae Jewels Customisation

How do we make sure that the customer receives a bespoke necklace tailored to their preferences and specifications?

* Initial Consultation:
  * Begin by discussing design ideas and preferences with the customer.
  * Understand their desired style, materials, and any specific elements they want.

* Gold and stones Selection:
  * Choose the gold color
  * Select gemstones considering their color, cut, and quality.

* Design Sketch:
  * Create a preliminary sketch or digital design based on the customer's input.
  * Review and refine the design until it meets their expectations.

* 3D Modeling :
  * Use computer software to create a 3D model of the design for a more detailed view.

* Cost Estimate:
  * Provide the customer with a cost estimate based on the chosen materials, design complexity, and labor involved.

* Approval and Deposit:
  * Seek the customer's approval of the final design and cost.
  * Collect a deposit before proceeding with the creation of the customized necklace.

* Crafting:
  * Skilled artisans or jewelers handcraft the necklace according to the approved design.
  * Assemble the piece, set gemstones, and add any requested engravings.

* Quality Check:
  * Inspect the necklace for quality, ensuring it matches the design and meets industry standards.

* Delivery:
* Package the necklace securely and deliver it to the customer.


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