Best Gold and Diamond Barefoot Anklets: Which Should You Choose for Barefoot Glam?

Best Gold And Diamond Barefoot Anklets- Which Should You Choose For Barefoot Glam? - Aquae Jewels - Exquisite Jewelry in 18k Gold & Diamonds | Dubai

Anklets are back in style and are quickly becoming one of this era’s hottest accessories. They are fun, flirty, and fantastic for spicing up casual outfits or adding a finishing touch to more formal outfits.

There are many different types, one of which is the barefoot anklet, which is designed to be worn without shoes.

While throwing on a few rings or a gorgeous dangling bracelet may be simpler, more fashion-forward individuals who want to stand out may choose the barefoot anklet.

Whether you’re a beach babe seeking the ideal foot jewellery or simply love adding a touch of luxury to your everyday wear, understanding the different styles and factors to consider is essential.

In this piece, we highlight some important factors to consider when choosing gold and diamond barefoot anklets, list some of the best gold and diamond barefoot anklets in the market, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Factors to consider when choosing gold and diamond barefoot anklets

When choosing gold and diamond barefoot anklets, several factors must be considered. From design and style to comfort and durability, we’ll guide you through what to look for to ensure your anklet complements your unique flair.

Quality of the materials

The material used in a barefoot anklet affects its longevity, quality, and ability to retain its colour. Anklets made with sturdy materials like high-quality gold and diamonds are the most precious metals to look out for, as they are durable and retain their value over time.

At Aquae Jewels, all of our collections are made with premium-quality gold and diamond materials, so you can be confident of the quality of your jewellery investment when you shop from us.


Quality Of The Materials- Best Gold And Diamond Barefoot Anklets- Which Should You Choose For Barefoot Glam? - Aquae Jewels - Exquisite Jewelry in 18k Gold & Diamonds | Dubai

Design and style

An anklet’s shape, charms, materials, style, and design make it unique and, therefore, help you stand out from others. Various styles are available, from simple chains to intricate designs with diamond accents.

You should consider the design and style to get the best one because it will affect your overall look. Generally, you should only purchase jewellery that suits your taste and complements your outfits.


Since barefoot anklets are worn around the ankle, it’s important to ensure they are comfortable. Look for anklets with smooth edges and a secure clasp to prevent irritation or discomfort.

Comfort - Best Gold And Diamond Barefoot Anklets- Which Should You Choose For Barefoot Glam? - Aquae Jewels - Exquisite Jewelry in 18k Gold & Diamonds | Dubai

Size and fit

Ensure that the anklet is the right size for your ankle. Measure your ankle to determine the appropriate length, and select an anklet that fits securely but doesn’t feel too tight. Most anklets have adjustable chains to accommodate different ankle sizes.


Consider durability, especially if you plan to wear ankle bracelets frequently. Look for anklets made with sturdy materials and have a strong clasp to prevent breakage or loss.


The price of an anklet is a significant consideration, as you want to get the best value for your money. 

Regarding value for money, jewellery is quite different from many of the other things we buy because anklet jewellery made of precious metals, containing diamonds and valuable gemstones, is not only a beautiful accessory but also an investment, meaning you can sell these pieces to a reputable jewellery buyer in times of need.

Brand reputation

Investigate different brands and read customer reviews to determine their reputation. Look for brands known for their high-quality jewellery and excellent customer service.

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Top gold and diamond barefoot anklets

Barefoot ankle bracelets, sometimes loosely called barefoot sandals, are beautiful items used to adorn bare feet. They string together the toe and ankle with cascading chains flowing across the foot’s top. 

Barefoot anklets are perfect for festivals, beach parties, or tropical weddings. The following are some of the best gold and diamond barefoot anklets on the market:

Foot Chain Constellation Diamonds 18K Gold

Think of this type of anklet as your Cartier Love bracelet that you just can’t let go of. This delicate weight gold and diamond barefoot anklet makes every step of your way dazzle with the stunning elegance of its lovely round diamonds.

The Foot Chain Constellation Diamonds can be easily styled to express your love for stars and match any outfit. It is available in Yellow, White, and Rose gold.

Foot Chain Constellation Pure 18K Gold and Diamonds

Try your hand—or shall we say, foot—at a maximalist approach to anklets by opting for an embellished style gold and diamond barefoot anklet. This Foot Chain Constellation Pure 18K Gold and Diamonds features beautifully patterned round diamonds that will surely make you sparkle with elegance.

With a delicate white chain and three micro-diamonds, this ankle style comes with a playful spirit and makes your overall look unique and classy.

This gorgeous piece is easy to wear and can easily match any outfit. It is available in Yellow, White, and Rose gold.

Foot Chain Diamonds and 18K Gold

For a more classic, bold statement, the Foot Chain Diamonds and 18K Gold, designed with a delicate white chain and three micro-diamonds, are sure to give you a trendy, elevated look. It is available in rose, white or yellow gold.


Want to know more about the significance of ankle bracelets? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What do anklets symbolise today?

Anklets have had several meanings, evolving over time from being worn to express power, social status, and marital status to being worn as a talisman to protect children from disease and against evil spirits in certain cultures (like in China).

In certain cultures (like India), where it is offered to a pretty bride, much like the wedding ring, to express her marital status, it still has solid and traditional meanings; nevertheless, their rigid symbolism is less prevalent nowadays. 

Today, anklets are mainly used as fashion accessories for self-expression and personal style in any outfit.

Is there a scientific reason behind wearing anklets?

Some believe wearing anklets can help them re-vibrate their body’s energy and remain divine and energetic. Another belief is that a lovely silver anklet adorns one’s feet beautifully and works magic to help activate your lymph glands, boosting immunity.

Lastly, some believe that wearing a silver anklet might be an excellent remedy for people who frequently experience leg pain, numbness, tingling, or general weakness.

Although all these reasons sound exciting, no scientific evidence currently accepted in the medical community supports specific health benefits from wearing anklets. Anklets are primarily enjoyed for their cultural significance, aesthetic appeal, or personal preference.

What is the meaning of wearing an anklet on the right ankle?

Some believe that a person who wears an anklet on their right foot signifies they are single and have no lover. In some subcultures, wearing an anklet on this foot could signal to anyone looking for a hookup that you’re content in your current relationship and not looking for new sexual partners. 

So, if a married person or someone in a committed relationship then wears it on their right foot, it may suggest that they are looking to have an affair or fling.

However, in most cases, it simply means they prefer to wear it on their right foot and nothing more than that. 

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What is the meaning of wearing an anklet on the left ankle?

You may not be aware, but some cultures believe an ankle bracelet worn on the left foot is an amulet or talisman. Such anklets were used as charms and worn on the ankles to protect the wearer from diseases and evil spirits. 

Today, anklets worn on your left foot may suggest you are married or engaged to a lover. However, if you are single, wearing it can also mean that you’re interested in finding a partner, in an open relationship, or in a relationship with others.

If you are single and interested in mingling, you should wear anklets on your right foot instead of your left. Our best-selling Diamonds Tennis Anklet (18K Gold, Diamond) is a fine piece that will surely get noticed on your left or right foot. 

What does a man wearing an anklet mean?

Men in Africa and the Middle East have worn anklets for about as long as women. In these regions, men wore anklets to exhibit their social status. 

For instance, royal members of the Kshatriya in India mainly wore anklets of gold and other precious metals to symbolise their wealth.

Other caste members, male or female, wore silver anklets to reflect their lower social rank.

When should you avoid wearing an anklet?

Anklets are very versatile jewellery items. They are great to wear when meeting friends or going to the beach, a pool, or a festival. However, they generally aren’t suited for formal occasions, with the exception of dainty gold or silver pieces.

If you like ankle bracelets with chimes, avoid wearing them in quiet settings like a library or church. 

Besides office settings and wearing bracelets with charms in library or church settings, you should avoid wearing them in activities that might snag or damage them, such as intense physical activities or water sports.

Takeaway: Elevate your style with classy gold and diamond barefoot anklets!

It is the dream of every woman to have a lot of gold and diamond jewellery, not only to adorn oneself with beautiful things but also to express one’s personal style and to improve confidence and self-esteem when one steps out. 

One such piece of jewellery is the anklet, also known as Payal in Indian Culture. As explained in this piece, they are of great social significance.

For example, we mentioned that ankle chains have/can be worn to express power and social status, marital status, and protection against disease and bad omens. 

However, remember that anklets’ significance has evolved over time. Today, they are worn primarily as fashion accessories for self-expression and personal style in any outfit.

If you’re drawn to the beauty of diamonds or the classic appeal of gold, gold and diamond barefoot anklets are the perfect accessories to add a touch of glamour to your barefoot glam.

Ready to explore our exquisite gold and diamond anklet jewellery collection that will make you look stunning on any occasion? 

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