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Aquae Jewels is known for its know-how and expertise in craftmanship with use of modern technologies.  After designing the pieces on CAD computers, we create the mold with 3D printer for the casting the 18K base of the design.  Our artisans work on this base at their wooden bench, bringing the piece slowly to life with the settling of diamonds and precious stones.  Then, the thorough manual cleaning and the polishing brings the final sparkling effect.

This is how the Aquae Jewels pieces come to life in all sorts of ways.  The Aquae Jewels pieces perfectly create unique pairings, each collection making way for the new age of mixing and matching, piling and layering. A T-shirt necklace holds its own, but for an off-duty look, it can be paired with the likes of the brand’s iconic Rain Choker, a minimalist design made of a gold chain with diamond droplets, glistening as they move. Traverse the collections further and find body chains, bracelets, and anklets that accentuate the silhouette of the wearer with undeniable confidence. Earrings, necklaces and rings also represent a feminine aesthetic and, when stacked and piled, showcase the carefree and creative nature of the feminine soul. Building on femininity as one of the core essences of the brand, stacking rings and belly jewellery pay homage to the subtle edge of the modern-day woman.

Furthermore, the house stays true to its vision of perfection and reflects the wearer’s individuality by providing customised pieces that are curated in-house and in collaboration with the client.