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The Ultimate Guide to Pick a Jewellery Gift

Choosing the right jewellery gift can go a long way in solidifying your relationship with that particular person; however, doing so requires some effort and considerations. You have to get something within your budget that matches the recipient’s preferred metal, design style, and sizing.

If you’re looking to surprise someone special with a jewel, you don’t want to make any mistakes; this post contains everything you need to know when picking a jewellery gift for your loved ones.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Determine your price range

Defining your price range is the first step toward picking the perfect jewellery gift. It depends on your financial abilities. You don’t want to go higher than your budget can allow or too low that your recipient notices the lack of quality.

Our Earrings Mini Love, 18K Gold & Diamonds may be the perfect present for a special occasion if your budget allows for a jewellery gift below the 200 Euro mark. Keep in mind the type of metal you choose will directly impact your budget.

#2 Consider the recipient’s preferences

People have preferences when it comes to the choice of metal for their jewellery. It could be due to metal allergies, in which case they go for hypoallergenic options like pure gold and pure silver. Metals such as Nickel, sterling silver, lower gold karat, or gold plated metals tend to trigger a reaction for people with metal allergies.

It would be best to stay away from pieces of jewellery containing Nickel if your recipient is allergic; other hypoallergenic metals include Rhodium, Platinum, and Argentium. Avoid purchasing jewellery that is manufactured in an unknown place.

Some metal preferences are unrelated to allergies and only a matter of personal taste; you can casually ask your recipient what type of jewellery they like to get this vital piece of information to plan your jewellery gift.

#3 Sizing the jewellery gift

When buying jewellery, sizing is always a challenge, especially if you cannot measure the recipient directly; design, size preference, and specific functionality of the piece you are gifting all play a role when determining the perfect size.

Tips for finding out the measurements of your recipient

  • Find a similar piece of jewellery and measure it.
  • Read the product description to understand better how the piece should be selected and worn.
  • Use your knowledge of the recipient’s style to determine which size to choose.

Suppose you intend to buy a ring for your girlfriend. You will need sizing information on specific fingers. Try to get one of her rings and measure its internal diameter.

If you can’t take the measurements by yourself, you can have a jeweller do it for you. It’s easier to measure a pendant chain, as you only consider the chain’s length. If you’re looking to buy a bracelet, you should measure the circumference of the recipient’s hand and add half an inch to it.

When considering the recipient’s design size preference, check out the jewellery size they usually wear. Do they like big or small jewellery? Try to pick something that is not bigger or smaller than what the recipient normally wears.

#4 Plan your order to make sure you get it on time

Making sure the jewellery arrives right on time to surprise the recipient is vital.

When buying the gift, you should consider that it might take some time before arrival. So, plan accordingly to ensure it gets to the recipient early.

You can check with customer service to make sure the jewellery arrives on time, but above all, plan ahead; the process takes time, more so during the holiday season with many orders coming in.

#5 Familiarize yourself with ‘jewellery foolproof’ options

One of the best ways to be on the safe side when choosing a jewellery gift is knowing all the available options that are foolproof, meaning pieces that are most likely going to be the best type of jewellery gift for your loved ones.

You can never go wrong with a foolproof classic. Let’s consider a few examples:


If your special someone is born in June, you may want to consider giving her a pair of pearl earrings or a strand of pearls. They are beautiful and always in style. Pearls almost always make an excellent gift for everyone, not only those born in June.

Precious stones

Precious stones make excellent gifts for special occasions. You can give your loved ones a birthstone on their birthday. Also, they can serve as a great gift during the holiday season.

Gold and diamonds

From classic gold chains to pendants, diamond rings, and necklaces, you can’t go wrong with gold and diamond. They make great gifts for many occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and more.


#6 Wrap the jewellery and include a greeting card

People are more likely to cherish their gifts if they relate them to something meaningful. Make sure you communicate the meaning of the gift in a way that allows the recipient to connect to it.

Personalize the jewellery gift by communicating the idea behind it and why you think it is perfect for them. This way, they will develop the right mindset for receiving the jewel. If you can, try to connect the idea behind your chosen jewel to your relationship with the recipient.

Get a well-designed card and write on it. Your gift will be more personal and memorable if you do the writing yourself.

Most times, people want their gift to come as a surprise. If this is what you want, you should use a wrap to extend the recipient’s excitement. There are many eco-friendly wraps that you can use.

Don’t forget to throw in a greeting card. While this may not seem necessary, it goes a long way to give more meaning to the gift. It’s an excellent way to communicate the idea behind the gift.

#7 Give the recipient the option to replace the gift

You know that you have successfully purchased the best jewellery gift when the recipient likes it and wears it often. However, this is still achievable even after making the wrong choice.

Buying from a reputable store with many options, such as Aquae Jewels, goes a long way to get the most out of your jewelry gift.

Let’s face it, after trying your best to get the perfect jewellery gift; the recipient might not like it. In this case, having other options to choose from is fundamental to actually delivering the value you intended.

They can return the gift and replace it with something else; it can be the same piece but with an alternative design or something entirely different.


Picking up the perfect jewel for a special someone may seem daunting at first. There’s this pressure you experience when making a choice, as you want it to be unique; however, your gift shopping process can be hassle-free if you know what you’re doing.

To make the perfect jewellery gift, you need to take into consideration:

  • Your budget
  • The recipient’s choice of metal
  • Their sizing
  • And their preferred style

As we’ve seen, some people prefer to wear only a particular metal due to metal allergies or personal taste. You know you succeeded if the recipient likes the piece and wears it often; however, buying from a reputable store like Aquae Jewels will allow the recipient to choose something else (among multiple options) if they are not fully satisfied with the product they receive.

At Aquae Jewels, you will find plenty of jewellery gift options for your loved ones. You will find something nice no matter your budget or preferred style.

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